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    Websites about dry needling and myofascial pain

    Dry needling Australia -

    Dry needling Canada –   

    Dry needling Europe -  

    Dr. Gunn

    Dr. C. Gunn is one of the pioneers of dry needling in the world. He called his method IMS: Intramuscular stimulation and it was developed over 30 years. Dr. Gunn has been recognized by numerous at prestigious international scientific and by medical organizations for his significant contributions to the understanding and treatment of chronic pain -

    Dry needling South Africa

    Dry needling USA -

    Fascia congress - the 2018 edition will be held in Berlin, Germany

    Fibromyalgia - 

    International Myopain Society

    This international society is a non-profit health organization of professionals dedicated to the promotion of information about soft-tissue pain disorders such as myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia syndrome – 


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