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  • We are aiming to return to conducting courses by the fall of 2022. Please feel free to reach out  by email if you have any questions.  

    We accept registered physical therapists and physicians in our courses.

    BC registrants may apply with the  CPTBC to use dry needling within their physical therapy practice if they:

    • are a full registrant in BC, and;
    • have at least two years of recent physical therapy practice experience (1 year is the equivalent of 1950 hours), and;
    • have succesfully finished the three course levels, including a final exam.

    An Alberta registrant can apply to use dry needlling with their physiotherapy college by sending in   this form

    An Ontario registrant can apply to use dry needling with their physiotherapy college via   this link


    To register for our courses, please email with your choice of dates - please see below.

    You will be asked to send in this paperwork. Please check the conditions for participation here

    Details about payment choices will be mailed and, after registration, you will also receive course level specific information

    to review prior to the course, such as videos, articles, anatomy links and referred pain patterns.


    Level 1 dry needling course  'Extremities' (4 days) dates in 2022:

    Dates to be announced in Kelowna and Abbotsford at the CBI on Marshall Road.

    Cost is $ 1,250.00 plus GST; this includes a practical review day - 1 month after.


    You must complete level 1 'Extremities' before you can register for level 2 'Spine'.

    Level 2 'Spine' (4 days): 2022 dates to be announced in Kelowna and Abbotsford.

    Cost for $ 1,250.00 plus GST; this includes a practical review day - 1 month after.


    You must complete level 2 'Spine' before you can register for level 3 'Headaches and TMD'

    Level 3 'Headaches and TMD' (3 days): 2022 dates to be announced in Kelowna and Abbotsford.

    Cost is $ 900.00 plus GST; this includes a practical review day (1 month after) and a final exam.


    Frank Timmermans Reg PT, CGIMS

    Uplands Physiotherapy Clinic

    115-166 Power Street 

    Penticton, B.C. V2A 5W9

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